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The World's 70 Most Comprehensive Web Portals
To News and Background Information
On Water

*These links were selected because they cumulatively provide a broad, thorough, and up-to-date survey of and background for the water related fields.
New Zealand Councillor's collections of public policy ideas and water related stuff Really well done.
The International Water Law Project website was created to provide pertinent information on international water law and policy and related topics. Specifically, it offers treaties, articles, news stories, case law, Internet links, and other relevant information. Many of the materials, such as treaties and articles, are offered in full text.
The Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance is a growing network of organizations and concerned individuals dedicated to helping this region reclaim and reconnect to our greatest natural resource--the harbor, rivers and estuaries of the New York and New Jersey waterfront. Unmatched collection of NYC area waterfront news and info.
International water history organization with repository of multidisciplinary academic work
One of the best all around sources for information on water related topics
Information on water related companies breakthroughs and trends
Well done policy analysis with a large focus on water related issues. They publish "The World's Water".
International Water and Sanitation Centre (IRC) has facilitated the sharing, promotion and use of knowledge so that governments, professionals and organisations can better support poor men, women and children in developing countries to obtain water and sanitation services they will use and maintain
British Professor created a website detailing the various physical, chemical properties of water
This is the portal for the bottled water industry and where you will find extensive information about bottled water.
SPG Media have created a network of more than 26 b2b community sites. This newest one is focused on water technology.
National Science Foundation News Water Watch
Source of timely reporting and in-depth analysis of marketing, legislation, litigation, and financial information on water resources. Reporting covers 17 western states, federal agencies, corporate analysis, Indian water resources, and environmental and water quality concerns.
The Home page of WaterWorld Magazine, Industrial WaterWorld and Water & Wastewater International - an online news and technology source.
This online resource provides daily international business and industry-related news, current issue articles, and access to years of searchable editorial archives. I recommend the calendar of events industry-related conferences. Up-to-date information on technology, products.
The Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies provides analysis on municipal trends and issues.
UNESCO's portal on water
Stay on Top of Developments in China
Delft University water resource. Very extensive and well regarded on many research themes and their applications. Look for their news portal; link available in the next section.
EPA Office of Water with a variety of EPA information       
The WaterISAC offers a secure database, expert analysis, information gathering, and the rapid distribution of reports and government alerts about threats to America 's drinking water and wastewater utilities. It is the most comprehensive and readily available resource about water system vulnerabilities, incidents and solutions. It provides subscribers with Internet access to exhaustive research for improving the security of their utilities, planning for emergencies and responding to physical and environmental threats of any kind.
Industry online sourcing service and bi-weekly e-newsletter , focused on the industrial and municipal wastewater treatment, drinking water purification, stormwater management, valve, pipe and flow control markets. Water Online has been serving the needs of engineering professionals since 1995.
Online Listing for water related transactions.
About 90 universities in the United States and throughout the world comprise the Universities Council on Water Resources (UCOWR) organization. Member institutions engage in education, research, public service, international activities, and information support for policy development related to water resources. Includes the Journal of Contemporary water research.
Water conservation, efficiency, and demand management for the water conservation community and the drinking water industry. WaterWiser provides news, but especially active calendar of events,  and a good searchable information databases.
Not-for-profit technical and educational organization with members from varied disciplines who work toward the WEF vision of preservation and enhancement of the global water environment. The WEF network includes water quality professionals from 76 Member Associations in 30 countries.
Bureau of Reclamation managing water in the western US. The largest wholesaler of water in the country provides a collection of valuable data.
International water policy think tank and organizers of world water forums  
Water trade publication
a librarian's compilation of water related resources
current water and wastewater news for the water professional.
The Global Water Partnership is a working partnership among all those involved in water management: government agencies, public institutions, private companies, professional organizations, multilateral development agencies and others committed to the Dublin-Rio principles. They identify critical knowledge needs at global, regional and national levels, and serve as a mechanism for alliance building and information exchange on integrated water resources management.
Part of the enviromental Directory. This website is surprisingly robust.
The World's Water, a site dedicated to providing up-to-date water information, data , and web connections to organizations, institutions, and individuals working on a wide range of global freshwater problems and solutions. It is a project of the pacific instititute.
Water Conservation Portal is a tool designed for water conservationists to better protect, conserve and restore the Earth's hydrological processes. The site seeks to educate users about why and how to reduce water system's diminishment - providing specific opportunities and suggestions to do so. Extensive news collection.
The Water Page is a policy website on water resources management and use. Very useful as an educational background on the development, utilisation and protection of water in Africa  and the developing regions.
The INTERNATIONAL OFFICE FOR WATER  is a French non-profit-making Association. Epecially valuable for understanding the European situation. Public and private partners: It now comprises 149 member organizations.
water research center posts news items and relates them to its 6 fields of study ranging from river basin to ports to oceans

online information system for the drinking water community. the latest news and resources for drinking water professionals, as well as information for the public about water treatment and conservation.  industry headlines, along with a calendar of events.
a été créée en 1993 à l'initiative du Ministère de l'Environnement et des six Comités de bassin français. Elle a pour mission d'organiser une réflexion prospective et interdisciplinaire dont doit bénéficier la gestion des ressources en eau.
organisations involved in the collection, analysis, reporting and dissemination of information on water in all its uses. Enhances programmes involved in the collection and dissemination of water data for the decision makers, the media and the public at large. Satellite data and from the international, regional, national and local levels.
e.u. water inititiative to solve development societal problems dealing with themes of water.. many stakeholder organizations and states participating
French news portal to water , they call themselves “alternatif” and they focus on “the ravages of privatization”
multi cultural and multi disciplinary look at water in French including lots of arts and events in europe
dutch water portal
young water action team put together a collection fo water related proverbs
Whether you are looking for information on water subjects, or seek knowledge from third parties in a particular field, the WIN will provide you with the information you need. Its vast database contains countless news facts, project descriptions, events information and contact addresses. The database is updated on a daily basis, both by ourselves at NWP as well as by other users of this site. The WIN's dynamic structure allows you to add your own information too, such as a profile of your organisation, information on projects you might have worked on, or products you provide. For NWP members, our Workinggroups serve as a virtual meetingpoint for waterprofessionals involved in complex projects worldwide. Requests offer overseas institutions the possibility to consult Dutch water-related knowledge.
water atlas made by national geographic
state-university-based research program in water resources… federally managed and very broad
librarians list of resources on water
professors make site that deals with the role of water in history
water information service, including an Internet web site and other initiatives that enhance the availability of quality water information. The goal is to provide an entryway (portal) to water information, and to create a water information network, community, and resource that will provide qualified, trusted, and verifiable information and contacts.
WaterWeb consortium has been created to promote the sharing of information concerning water and the earth's environment. Global focus
brazilian website -- O projeto da Revista Digital Aguaonline foi concebido para atender à demanda por informação sobre o mundo da água, do saneamento e do meio ambiente:
coIQ is an internet publishing and digital media company which exists to support and promote a transition to sustainability. This is their water access point. They hae a magazine a database, and an essay/article section
strictly drinking water quality. information on the latest EPA and state regulations, and on legislation at the federal, state, and local levels. emphasis on California drinking water issues; everything from groundwatercontamination to drinking water treatment innovations and violations.
The EnviroLink Network is a non-profit organization which has been providing access to thousands of online environmental resources since 1991. lots of water links but hard to navigate
primary publication of the Association of Water Technologies (AWT) and the voice of the water treatment industry. The Analyst , a quarterly, presents new technologies in the area of cooling, boiler, and waste water treatment
WRA has strived to improve water management worldwide through dialogue, education, and research. Including links to water management academic papers.
The IWRN is a network of networks whose purpose is to build and strengthen water resources partnerships among nations, organizations, and individuals; to promote education and the open exchange of information and technical expertise; and to enhance communication, cooperation, collaboration and financial commitment to integrated water and land resources management within the context of environmental and economic sustainability in the Americas.
Canada 's preeminent freshwater research facility.
information to support the red river and related waterways and systems
water and wastewater channel of the edie environmental database. Extensive and current technologies
The Natural Resources Conservation Service is part of the department of agriculture. This is their national water and climate center. Good for Natural Resource Planning Support, Data Acquisition and Management, Technology Innovation, Partnerships and Joint Ventures, Technology Transfer.
Larry Chertoff, industry guru shares his insights and eye on water
Web4water is the premier live online resource for professionals in the water industry.
industry research page for investors
national drinking water clearinghouse and their “on tap” magazine targeting small communities
water conditioning and purification magazine, nicely done “ask the expert” section

water quality association is an industry group that often has some good news briefs on their website
desalination directory


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