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About Us


We Have Attracted Seasoned Nonprofit, Business, and Event Experts to Our Team

Carson Tang, Patrick Clark, David Ross, Peter Coan, Asher Shomrone.

We are developing a formal governance and executive structure that is well suited to our mission. Our state of the art structure is geared for powerful transparency, our broad scope and maintaining checks and balances that will keep our sustainable business structure 100% on track with the mission and in the black financially.

We have developed a system of committees. You are welcome to join and we hope you will enjoy working with us!

36 comittees:

•  new york

•  Food and service

•  Events

•  Political local 

•  global politics

•  Fundraising

•  Media

•  Financial

•  legal

•  Museum

•  Tourism

•  Branding

•  non-profit

•  celebrity

•  value based business

•  entertainment

•  living artists

•  Community

•  art

•  science

•  public policy

•  water

the following are sub committees of water:

•  freshwater

•  US water

•  drinking water

•  water rights

•  water power

•  conservation

•  pollution water

•  distribution

•  poverty

•  emmigration

•  national security

•  conflict/cooperation

•  cutteing edge science

•  oceans

•  maritime



It's easy to make a difference!

All contributions are 100%
tax deductib

We call upon the waters that rim the earth,
horizon to horizon, that flow in our rivers and streams,
that fall upon our gardens and fields,
and we ask that
they teach us
and show us the way.

Chinook Indian Blessing

With too much on my mind,
I drop on a solid black boulder
near the water's edge.
I scan the quiet bay
and draw a breath of rich,
salty air.
Slowly, as if trying not to disturb
the silence, I choose a stone, then toss it
into the calm water.
I pitch stone after stone,
a splash for every thought.
Some I skip harder,
for the miserable thoughts:
others softer,
for the pleasant ones.
My arms aching,
for a moment I watch
the ripples touch my toes.
Then, standing to stretch,
I glance back at the sea
one more time,
for its silence.
Reality will come too swiftly:
I know.
Tomorrow I will endure
the future
moment by moment,
by stone.

Niall Janney, age 13
Edgecomb, Maine

When you hear the splash
of the water drops that fall
Into the stone bowl
You will feel that all the dust
Of your mind is washed away.


A life all turbulence and noise may seem
To him that leads it wise and to be praised,
But wisdom is a pearl with most success
Sought in still waters.

William Cowper, The Task

To the waters, and the wild, with a Faerie, hand in hand,
for the world is more
full of weeping  ... than you can understand.

W.B. Yeats


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