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A Voice for Water,
Source of Energizing Life, will:

  • Sustain Life
  • Enhance Health
  • Maintain Peace

Water has been, arguably the most profound driver of the human condition throughout our time on earth. In today's world this relationship has become critical ... as our continued survival now lies in the balance, dependant on our relationship with water.

Understanding this relationship has never been more crucial. At the same time, universally, water is the source of childhood joys and serenity in old age. With this in mind, I would like to explore how we can better promote complete understanding and appreciation of water.

The miraculous thing is that we all start with a common bond. Childhood experiences of play with water and bathing in it are universal. Through these experiences, are we predisposed to love our water, and feel "as if" water will “love” us back? ?

Personifying water is an interesting mindset
What changes in our present and in our futures when we hold the conviction that Water is a true friend? What if we embrace a romantic notion, (still maintaining our respect for rationality of course), that water may be imbued with some essential living property or great mysteries of an intelligence borne of complexity? That nature's secrets may lie undisturbed in the medium that surrounds us and the mother of all interchange? After all isn't water a relatively poorly understood molecule for its ubiquity and isn't it the greatest solvent known to man in the whole universe? What if our attitudes to water shifted and humanized and we revere water and seek to understand it, Will it then treat us well?

Consider this... as a supporter of humanity, that raising the profile of water becomes the key to the legacy we leave for our children's future. We must create strong points of presence for water promotion in the fabric of our media.

I propose that our natural affinity for water is an instrument that can and must be leveraged to:

  • Replenish Our Spirits
  • and Secure Our Future



The Embassy of Water simultaneously functions as a:

•  network of great people
•  promotional mechanism for water
•  global business for good
•  portal of peace
•  think tank
•  research institution
•  representative of the cultural treasures of humanity
•  community of influential leaders…. solving the world's biggest problems and improving lives.

It is an academic resource, and an uncompromising consulate for the most precious survival and achievement of mankind in education and research, arts and culture, business and technology, healthcare and sustainable living, government and politics, communion and spiritual pursuit, and the day to day joy and wellbeing of folks all over our planet.

You're welcome to skim our pages and learn more about how, what I am convinced is, an unprecedented and historic undertaking will work. Like me, you may have heard... that advances in our understanding and relations with water are promising sustainable solutions to all our energy needs, and to bring the most dramatic gains in the health of people on the planet, abundant food, to reorganize the balance of power amongst our nations, and to bring our great masses better protection from the ravages of natural catastrophes. In today's day and age H2O also becomes one of the top two focal points of national... and indeed, global security. The stakes are enormous and a more spell-binding, hair-raising Hollywood block-buster could not be confabulated. If so inclined, we'd certainly like to hear your thoughts and sentiments about all this and our mission to further the understanding of ourselves and the dynamics of a most potent force in our lives, and so thus protect our children's futures.

It is with great pleasure that I introduce our endeavor.

Asher Shomrone

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